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Page history last edited by Yasmine Qader 5 months ago

Ms. Qader's Language Arts/Literature Page

Contact info:



Rm. 102





Welcome to my Wiki Page. I'm looking forward to learning about each one of you. I promise we will have loads of fun! The link you most likely will use the most is: ELA assignments, which is on the right hand margin and is used to view homework assignments. 


For the first couple of weeks of school, we work on getting to know one another, set up our ELA composition notebooks and manila folders, and launch reader's and writer's workshop. Throughout the year, we will be working on a variety of reading and writing strategies. You'll will analyze different literary works, learn necessary research skills in identifying sources that are credible, gain the ability to write sophisticated claims and learn how to incorporate strong text evidence in your writing to support your claims,  and appropriately use parenthetical citations, be able to identify authors different writing strategies, how authors make characters come to life, learn a variety of poetic devices, read different genres, and much more! I'm definitely excited to be on this journey with you, and I look forward to a great year!


To view your grades, please click on the url below:





Rebecca Caudill Program



Here's the Google Doc summary page which you'll have to make a copy of IN YOUR OWN DRIVE! That's the only way you can write in the boxes. You will print these out and turn in slight more than half of them by February 21st and the rest by March 6th. For instance, if you're reading goal is seven books, turn in four by February 21st. The remaining has to be turned in on March 6th. You need to fill one out for every Caudill book you read. 




















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